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Look up and enjoy ‘Beauty from Above’

Michael Shulman, HRH Penthouse Sconce

When Michael Shulman, a Las Vegas man-about-town, philanthropist and writer of the entertainment blog, was asked if he liked the Cosmopolitan’s Chandelier Bar, the question could only have been rhetorical.


Beauty from Above
April 21, 6 p.m.
The Living Penthouse at Soho Lofts, or by appointment, 324-5868

If you want to know how Shulman feels about high-end, ostentatious, crystal-beaded hanging light fixtures, check out Beauty from Above, an exhibit of his color-saturated chandelier photographs, enlarged to as much as 9 feet, then embellished with glittery makeup.

Presented by Naomi Arin Contemporary Art, the exhibit at the Living Penthouse in SoHo Lofts features images taken in high-roller suites or private nightclubs. Shulman then paints the works with body glitter, shimmering eye shadow and glitter nail polish that makes an ideal varnish. It’s his celebration of all things sparkly and the “aesthetic genius” of Las Vegas.

And his answer to that question about the Cosmo bar? “I said, ‘I’m a gay man sitting in a four-story chandelier roped in crystals, what’s not to like?’”

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