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Three questions with comedian Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan returns to the Valley to play the Mandalay.
Photo: Brian Friedman

Everyone gets asked what their favorite thing about coming to Vegas what’s your least favorite thing about coming to Vegas?

Drunks! Some of them are just brutal. Some people just don’t know how to drink. They just get out of hand and the whole idea that they don’t have to stop at 2 in the morning, that’s pretty alien for some folks. So if I had to pick the least favorite thing it’s drunks—especially drunks with bad breath that want to tell you secrets.


Joe Rogan
February 4, 9 p.m., $35-$45
Mandalay Bay, 632-7800

Your DVD, Talking Monkeys in Space, was released last March. Any plans to record a new special, album or DVD?

I have a whole new hour and 20 minutes, and my new special will be taped in April, maybe in Toronto. But it’s all depending on how we can work it out with taxes and stuff. It’s kind of tricky recording in other countries. But I’m building up to recording that right now. It’ll air on Spike first, and then it’ll air on Comedy Central after that as well. It was really cool that I got to be the first comedy special that ever aired on Spike. I was really happy about that.

What are your plans for December 20, 2012?

I think I’m probably going to do a show somewhere. Some sort of midnight show, so we can all ring in the apocalypse together. Maybe I’ll wear a Mayan outfit and get some feathers, some beads and get crazy.


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