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Talking Kanye West and ‘Tron’ with Baron Vaughn

Baron Vaughn, star of USA’s Fairly Legal.

Reading: The Portable Harlem Renaissance Reader. Just reading writings from different thinkers and poets and novelists from the time of the Harlem renaissance.

TV: I’ve recently gotten maybe unhealthily hooked to NCIS, thanks to taking planes and there being NCIS marathons on whenever I’m flying.

Film: The Green Hornet, I have to admit, I enjoyed. It’s exactly what you think it’s going to be. It’s not The Godfather, come on. It’s a 3D movie that Seth Rogen wrote. If you went expecting not a 3D movie and not Seth Rogen, then you’re an idiot.

Music: My review of Kanye West’s last album is: If you like Kanye, you’ll like this album; if you hate Kanye, you’ll love this album.

What his Fairly Legal character would be into: I guarantee you that Leonardo Prince is doing nothing but listening to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack on loop. And he’s probably seen Tron: Legacy twice, or three times. And the other two times he’s taken people who he thinks are important to him, and judged by their reaction to see if he should still be friends with them or not.


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