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Get ready for grotesque body painting and lightbulb eating

Sex and horror go together at the Erotic Heritage Museum’s annual Cannibal Night fundraiser.
Illustration: Wes Gatbonton

The Details

August 24, 9 p.m.-1 a.m., 18+, $5 suggested donation.
Erotic Heritage Museum, 369-6442,

Do horror and sex go together? For one night at least, the Erotic Heritage Museum is out to prove that they do, with its third annual Cannibal Night fundraiser. Past years have involved freak-show performances (including lightbulb eating) and appearances from B-horror stars, and this year’s event will feature live music, movie screenings and performances that the EHM promises will be “disturbing.”

The local bands on the bill: veteran heavy metal act Bipolar, self-proclaimed “nerd punk” band 3d6 (“with songs that express their love of Dungeons and Dragons, comics, video games, robots and all things nerd,” says their official bio) and “metal retards” The Fat Dukes of F*ck (band members: Ice Pube, Professor Horse Exhaust, The Sh*t Wizard, Moist Justice).

In addition, local artist Rob Hester (aka Lord Gargoyle) will be practicing his grotesque body painting, the Science Fiction Double Feature troupe will be performing its live take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and erotic horror short films will be playing throughout the event. Costumes are encouraged (suggestions from the EHM: corpses, zombies, cannibals), and there will be prizes for the best (and possibly the grossest). Sound sexy to you? Then this is definitely an event you don’t want to miss.


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