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Weekly’s ‘Breaking Bad’ finale drinking game

The series finale of Breaking Bad airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

As hard as it is to process, one of television’s finest shows of all time is coming to an end this Sunday. Whether it will satisfy every fan is anybody’s guess, but here at Weekly we’re more interested in getting the maximum amount of enjoyment from the show before the final “Executive Producer, Vince Gilligan” credit rolls.

To that end, we’ve come up with our own drinking game for “Felina.”

1. If Jesse (Aaron Paul) kills Walter (Bryan Cranston), take a shot. If Walter kills Jesse, well ... you get the idea.

2. If Todd (Jesse Plemons) kills a character, you have to take your shot … and pour it on the floor for the dead homies. Seriously, whenever this guy kills anyone, we’re depressed for a week.

3. If Lydia (Laura Fraser) orders Chamomile with soy milk and Stevia, take a shot while raising your pinky.

4. If there’s a Gray Matter flashback, take a shot of your best stuff—after all, fans have been clamoring for this since season 1, so it would a serious cause for celebration.

5. Whoever correctly guesses who the ricin is for (Walter? Lydia? Todd? Jesse? The Neo-Nazis? The Gray Matter folks?) gets to watch everybody else take two shots.

6. Take a drink anytime something injurious—physically or emotionally—happens to Jesse.

7. Take a drink from a cereal bowl if Walt Jr. eats breakfast.

8. Finish your drink if Walt’s tighty-whities make a comeback.

9. Pour a glass of Dimple Pinch—the scotch Walt orders at the New Hampshire bar—and toast your neighbor if he dons the Heisenberg hat once again.

10. Finish your drink if any of the following open story lines are resolved: Gus Fring’s mysterious past; the future of Madrigal; anything involving Gray Matter, past or future.

11. Take shot if it’s revealed that Madrigal and Gray Matter are connected.

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