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The movie’s first half is playful and sly, ending with a small but satisfying twist.

Film review: Will Smith and Margot Robbie are grifters in love in ‘Focus’

February 25th, 2015

The movie’s first half is playful and sly, ending with a small but satisfying twist.

  • If you like your comedy on the darker side, this one's for you.

  • Hugh Grant and Marc Lawrence team up for something that's actually enjoyable.

  • Vince Gilligan is involved, but don't expect a 'Breaking Bad'-type phenomenon.

  • Kevin Costner’s weary, lived-in performance is the best thing about this predictable flick.

  • And yes, Neil Patrick Harris is definitely one of them.

  • Three local theaters are screening the live-action and animated shorts this weekend.

  • Timothy Spall gives depth and feeling to J.M.W. Turner at the most unexpected moments.

  • The former Friends star is looking for the third time to be the charm in his attempted return to sitcoms.

  • Unfortunately, the rest of the cast isn’t up to her standard.

  • Supporting local filmmakers is one thing that the DSFF does best.

  • From car-crash fetishists to another BDSM romance.

  • It'll likely disappoint hardcore fans of the novel and newbies expecting something scandalously sexy.

  • A 17th-century Puritan creep-fest, nude dancing in a swingers-focused comedy and bailing on the talk of the festival.

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