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Locals disappoint at Dam Short Film Festival

Nevada short film One Two Punch.

In what was probably the weakest Nevada Filmmakers program I’ve seen in the four years I’ve been attending Boulder City’s Dam Short Film Festival (which took place this past weekend), Amber Beard’s sweet coming-of-age story Growing Up Vegas (also shown at CineVegas in 2008) took the top prize, and deservedly so. Another CineVegas repeat, Timothy L. Anderson’s surreal One Two Punch, came in second, and unfortunately, those two represented the only worthwhile movies on the local slate.


Just last year, the DSFF managed to fill two programming slots with interesting local films, but this year they were reduced to showing amateurish, clumsily written and poorly acted entries from several local filmmakers who consistently churn out subpar, laughable productions. Jamison Derfler’s A Hot Meal at least had some impressive stunt work, although at 24 minutes it was a good 20 minutes longer than it had any right to be.


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