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Five reasons ‘Hunger Games’ is better than ‘Twilight’

Bella vs. Katniss? No contest, we say.

It’s actually for all ages. Let’s be honest, if it weren’t for tweens, Twilight would have bombed. The Hunger Games spans genres and generations. Don’t be surprised to see grandpa sitting next to a jock sitting next to a goth at this one.

A stronger central character. Katniss and Bella are polar opposites. Who would you want protecting your life? A hunter trained from birth, or someone who just runs everywhere? Case rested.

Scarier monsters. The werewolves in Twilight are campy. The muttations in The Hunger Games are genuinely nasty.

Better use of setting. In Twilight, the woods are scenery. In The Hunger Games, the woods are life and death. Oh, and the Arena would kick Edward’s ass.

Better central themes. Twilight: romance, vampires, werewolves. The Hunger Games: romance, political allegory, sci-fi ... and that’s just Volume 1.

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