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Booze and footrests: our first look inside Green Valley’s new ‘luxury’ movie theater

An interior shot of one of Galaxy Luxury+’s theaters.

About 45 minutes into the opening-night reception at the Galaxy Green Valley Luxury+ movie theaters, the soda fountains stopped working. That bad omen aside, the opening was an impressive showcase for the new theater, located in a space at Sunset and Green Valley Parkway that had been lying dormant since 2005 (when the old United Artists theater shut its doors).

Other than its concession stand, which features beer and wine in addition to the standard popcorn, candy and soda, the lobby isn’t much to behold, but the completely revamped auditoriums—with massive floor-to-ceiling screens; spacious rows with plenty of leg room; and fully reclining arm chairs complete with footrests and swiveling tables to hold your food and drink—definitely live up to the theater’s name.

Before the debut screening began, an employee joked about a “snooze patrol” going around to make sure people weren’t falling asleep, and with the comfort level here, that could certainly be possible. Good thing the soda fountains are up and running again by now.


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