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Geeks get some love at 222 Imperial Gallery’s new exhibit

Just one of the works on display in Geek: A Tribute.
Curtis Joe Walker

What, exactly, is a geek? Star Trek, World of Warcraft and comic books might spring to mind, but really, geek culture is about so much more. That’s exactly what 222 Imperial is exploring with its September exhibit, Geek: A Tribute. “I just really related with the whole geek movement,” says gallery owner Joel Spencer. “It takes on so many different destinations and avenues of exploration. And it’s a really fun concept for the artists to grab ahold of and play with.”


Geek: A Tribute
Thru September 29
222 Imperial Gallery
222 E. Imperial Ave., 271-2844

Although the juried show includes work from well-known local artists like Jesse Smigel, Spencer divulged a soft spot that’s quite fitting for this exhibit: “I really like to give the little guy a chance.” And he’s optimistic that you, too, will give a geek a shot. “I think people really relate to being a geek,” Spencer says. “It’s taken a new form of celebration to being a nerd about some things. I think it’s okay, you know?”

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