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What’s in a name?

What we expected a few of Amplify!!’s acts to sound like, versus what they actually did


Name suggests: Skinhead oi! punk (playing off the word “Aryan,” of course).

Actual sound: Maroon 5-y soul-pop, fronted by an Asian singer.

That must hurt: The lead singer sat on his guitar stand during the last two songs of the set—on purpose.


Name suggests: Mathy Swedish prog-rock.

Actual sound: Mathy metalcore, with a twist of lemon.

What made them rule: The frontman’s long hair looks a lot like the helmet the evil dudes wore in Big Trouble in Little China.


Name suggests: Straight-up hair metal.

Actual sound: Straight-up hair metal.

Bandanna watch: The lead singer sported not just a blue bandanna over his head, but also streamers on his pants. Wonder how Bret Michaels might feel about that …


Name suggests: Astronautical porno metal.

Actual sound: Astro porn metal, but with a confusing drum n’ bass/industrial flair.

Approximate number of buckles on four members’ leather boots: 28.


Name suggests: J-pop tribute group.

Actual sound: ICP-influenced hard rock, complete with spooky white masks and spiked gauntlets.

Lyric of the night: “I had a talk with my cock/He said it’s time to fuckin’ rock!”


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