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What’s a French Horn Rebellion?


The Details

French Horn Rebellion with Database, Bass & Treble
August 21, 8 p.m., $5.
The Square Apple, 1000 E. Sahara Ave. #105, 650-0432.
Beyond the Weekly
French Horn Rebellion

Coming soon aboard a ’93 Explorer named “Lucy,” brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, aka French Horn Rebellion, are on a mission. “We’re trying to make people dance,” Robert tells us. Adds David, “It’s just new ways to try and inspire all kinds of movement and dances that have never been danced before.”

As for rebelling against actual French horns, the band name stems from Robert’s own brass-instrument frustrations. “With the horn, in order to advance, you have to prove that you can play stupid excerpts over and over again,” says Robert, who mastered the instrument and played in symphony orchestras, but now incorporates the horn into FHR’s music.

What does French Horn Rebellion sound like? Imagine Flight of the Conchords scoring a Nintendo-game soundtrack circa 1988, with a toe-tapping splash of neon scrunch socks. Or something like that.

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