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Guess who’s back in town?


It’s a match made in female-stereotype heaven almost 40 years ago: Charo and Vegas. The boobs, the big blond hair, the campy flirty cuchi-cuchi whatever—Charo was Vegas before Holly got her first implant. Charo was Vegas before talent was optional (a time of some historical debate). In fact, the younger but equally carnivalesque Vegas hotties should take note: This is you in 30 years, but only if you learn to play the guitar really well and take a political stand against bullfighting.


Charo in Concert: A Musical Sensation
Begins July 10
Wednesday-Monday, 7:30 p.m., $50-$70
Riviera Hotel, 734-5110.
Beyond the Weekly

Because after 40 years in the biz, that’s where Charo is these days: back in Vegas, hosting a new show at the Riviera, back on the Billboard charts with dance-club hit “Espana Cani: Dance Don’t Bullfight” and playing badass flamenco.

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