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Dancing in the streets

Afghan duo makes its mark on Austin raid

Afghan Raiders took their sound to the streets during SXSW. Literally.
Photo: Emily Chandler
Annie Zaleski

Electronic bible singled out last Friday’s Terrorbird/True Panther/Badical Beats party—featuring a live set by Afghan Raiders—as one of eight suggested South by Southwest events. And Mikey Francis, one-half of the Vegas duo, had this to say about the next night’s official SXSW showcase: “At one point, Beans [bandmate Vincent Campillo] took off with his tambourine, ran up the stairs and [into] the streets with all the people and was dancing around. I performed most of the show in the middle of the crowd, just dancing and singing and having fun.”

Even before their performances, Mikey and Beans are in a jovial mood as they relate their continued SXSW experience outside downtown Austin’s Flamingo Cantina on Thursday. With some fresh remixes and a new single forthcoming, their festival goals are relatively simple: meeting online friends in person, continuing to build relationships with potential collaborators and pals and hunting for a booking agent. Oh yeah, and “exposure.”

“The scene is so small [in Vegas], it’s not very hard to get exposed,” Beans says. “But [in other cities], we’re playing with other bands that are doing exactly what we’re doing, from where they’re from—and now we can all meet here together [in Austin] and bring everybody from everywhere right to this one spot. It’s fun to join this community of artists that’s bouncing around.”

Mikey agrees. “For me, it’s about finding like-minded people who are passionate about music and passionate about our music. If we can find people that’ll help us preach our word and our music, then that’s great. That’s pretty much all we want to achieve, [to] keep playing music and having fun.”


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