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Absinthe’ star Penny Pibbets discusses her band Fish Circus

Pibbets jams on her accordion with Fish Circus when not starring in Absinthe.
Mher Vahakn


Fish Circus
August 21, 9 p.m., $5, Beauty Bar, 598-1965
August 22, 9 p.m., $5, Artifice, 489-6339

1. Describe Fish Circus in exactly 17 words.

Psychedelic rock, gypsy punk, filled with insane, drug-fueled percussive mayhem and raunchy theatrical linguistic abuse ... period.

2. Now describe it in two.

Ear molestation.

3. Gun to your head: Are your songs funny or serious? If you say “both” or some variation on that, I shoot.


4. Are you passionate about the accordion or did you just learn to play it so you’d be popular with boys?

It’s true. Accordions are sex magnets. I mean, just look at Weird Al and all the smelly street performers with dreads in their beards.

5. You describe your trombone player as “blaring.” How does he feel about that?

John Michael Richardson is a passionate guy. He would probably take the word out for a nice brunch, and then make love to it over and over again.

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