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Begging for more Minor Suns at Beauty Bar on 11/11/11

The Minor Suns have a song Charlie Sheen might like.
Photo: Steve Horlock
Leslie Ventura

Minor Suns closed out Friday’s Beauty Bar show to a full house and some drunken fans begging for one more song that never came. That’s kind of the appeal of the shoegazey locals, though. Their casual, “take-it-or-leave-it” attitude—mixed with emotional arrangements and airy vocals—made for a tight, sweet set filled with loud and soft textures and even some folky moments. As I overheard one dude say, “These guys are killin’ it.”

Though they have no set plans for an upcoming album (an LP came out in May 2010), the Suns showed off new songs like “Tiger Blood” and the poppier (and not-yet-finished) “In Hell.” The guys closed it out with guitarists Ryan McIlvaine and Jared Luke layering their instruments atop Luke’s crisp vocals for the older “Rising Sun.”

Originally scheduled last, Portland’s White Orange played second, blasting the Beauty Bar with its brand of psychedelic/trance/metal/what-have-you from the biggest amps the place has probably ever seen.

Half-local, half-not alt-rockers Aurea Verba opened to a sparser crowd, but the lack of heads was probably due more to the fact that AV rarely plays Vegas. Drummer Matt Long and guitarist Eli Southard are currently busy with their Joplin, Missouri project My Rotten Self. A solid surprise? A cover of Sunny Day Real Estate’s “Guitar and Video Games.”


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