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Nevada Legislature

Gentlemen, start your excuses

On October 1, a new state law goes into effect that allows cops to fine you $100 if you have not registered your car within 60 days of moving to Nevada. In anticipation of this law, here are some excuses you can have handy in case you are stopped:

1 “I’m visiting a sick friend. She’s been sick nearly two years.”

2 “I’m just passing through town. I came here to get a look at Boulder Dam and, time willing, John Ensign’s hair.”


Beyond the Weekly
Sporting out-of-state plates? Better be visiting (Las Vegas Sun, 6/26/09)

3 “I’m a typical Las Vegan. I don’t plan on living here much longer, so what’s the point?”

4 “I just assumed Gov. Gibbons vetoed that law. My bad.”

5 “Hey, look! A homeowner who’s not in foreclosure!” (Sound of car zooming away.)

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