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O.J. Simpson supporters start fundraising website to help him appeal his conviction in Las Vegas. Now if they could only find a lawyer who’ll work for 59 cents ...

MGM allegedly in talks to offer casinos as collateral. The first property will be Luxor, and they’ll even throw in Carrot Top for free!

Assembly Democrats sidestep Gov. Jim Gibbons to get to stimulus funds for expanded jobless benefits. You would think Gibbons would have supported it—after all, he’s going to be jobless soon.

Owner of the Oakland A’s rejects rumors the team is moving to Las Vegas. He also added that baseball players do not take steroids, and that Dodger Dogs are delicious.

Las Vegas broker fined $250,000 for renting out foreclosed homes to tenants. He says he’ll need to sell a few bridges to raise the funds.

Nevada Board of Museums nominates “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign for National Historic Register. Seeing as how the city’s almost history, that seems appropriate.

Steve and Elaine Wynn divorcing. Or as it’s known in Las Vegas, the attorney stimulus package.


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