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First male prostitute hired at Shady Lady likens himself to Rosa Parks. He then launched into a speech: “I had a wet dream ...”

Man stays in box full of snakes for 10 days as part of Strip stunt. He said he wanted to really get the feel of being in the Nevada Legislature.

Las Vegas Monorail files for bankruptcy. Great! Now how are people supposed to get from certain hotels to certain other hotels in a kinda-expensive, not-quite-so-rapid fashion?

Las Vegas area denied $367 million in federal funding to help with the housing crisis. Let’s start a letter-writing campaign: Everyone go home and ... aw, crap!

Sarah Palin to visit Las Vegas in April to give keynote speech for Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of America. It makes sense—every time that woman opens her mouth, we want a drink.

White House party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi booed while hosting nightclub event. Say what you want about the educational system here; there’s still plenty of intelligence in Las Vegas.

Southern Nevada officials offered rapid HIV/AIDS testing last Friday night. It really raised awareness—and screwed up a lot of weekends.

County announces plans to turn UMC into a teaching hospital. As if things weren’t scary enough there already—now instead of being sick, you’re extra credit.


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