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Thinking about Shania Twain, a giant Jesus and more!

Photo: Ryan Olbrysh

Twain time At a Billboard Music Awards press conference in 2003, Shania Twain said she’d have to be “really old” to have a show on the Vegas Strip. Now she’s reportedly in negotiations for a Caesars residency. Guess she’s old enough now. — Ken Miller, associate editor

Burn notice Artist Thomas Willis returns to town with a solo exhibit at Trifecta Gallery. If you haven’t seen his elaborate and superbly technical paintings created by burning the canvas surface, you’re missing out. — Kristen Peterson, staff writer

Statue envy In an effort to steal thunder from Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer, a Polish town erected a 167-foot-tall Jesus statue. Can our Rio please follow suit with a replicated mini-giant Son of God? — April Corbin, web content editor

Required reading A giant yellow billboard on 215 eastbound at Buffalo simply states “Read the Constitution.” Good advice. While you’re at it, read the Bill of Rights, too. — Sarah Feldberg, editor

Cut it out The new regime headed to D.C. is looking for programs to ax. Here’s a start: Dairy Management, the agency profiled in Sunday’s Times that advises Taco Bell and Domino’s on how to use more cheese. — John P. McDonnall, copy editor

Photo of Sarah Feldberg

Sarah Feldberg is the editor of Las Vegas Weekly magazine. A veteran journalist, Feldberg previously worked as the Weekly's web ...

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John P. McDonnall

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Photo of Ken Miller

Ken Miller is Las Vegas Weekly's associate editor, having previously served as assistant features editor at the Las Vegas Sun ...

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Photo of Kristen Peterson

Kristen Peterson

Kristen Peterson joined the Las Vegas Sun in 1998 as a general assignment reporter. In 2003, she turned her focus ...

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