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What’s your least favorite holiday?

“My least favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day because you don’t need one day to tell the people around you that you love them.” — Kelsie Winslow (Las Vegas)

“My least favorite holiday? All holidays are great—a reason to have the day off! As a matter of fact, we should have more holidays!” — Tim Sharp (Las Vegas)

“Valentine’s Day—I just don’t like it. It’s a pointless day to make guys do stuff. Why can’t they do that stuff every day?” — Massiel Garcia (Las Vegas)

“Thanksgiving because people get fatter and wear conservative clothing. I like Halloween and Christmas.” — Richard Martinez Patron (Las Vegas)

“Thanksgiving. I have the most disoriented family. We get together for maybe half an hour and then go our separate ways.” — Katie McClain (Las Vegas)

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