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The Plaza

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Thinking about the Plaza, Sharron Angle and more

Firefly at the Plaza
Photo: Beverly Poppe

Silver lining? The Plaza’s hotel and casino areas will close for renovations in November, but don’t sweat, foodies. Firefly remains untouched for your tapas and sangria fix. — Mark Adams, listings coordinator

10 minute trip Walking from El Cortez to the Griffin last Friday, a cop told me to buy a gun, I met a pirate and his parrot and I learned about an upcoming local film called Bionic Cholo. I love Downtown. — Sarah Feldberg, editor

A different angle It’s sweet irony that the Review-Journal, in its quest to quell the tide of copyright infringement, has turned its guns on GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle, whom it supports. Call it a First Amendment remedy. — Ken Miller, associate editor

It was magic Bravo, Lance. We’ll never forget the tux, the doves, the candles, the showgirls. Or the man who turned producing them, vanishing them and levitating them into a symphony of deception. — Rick Lax, staff writer

Jabba the Huge JabbaWockeeZ are gearing up for the October 7 premiere of their Monte Carlo residency. With 1,200 seats in Lance Burton’s old digs, it’s nearly twice as big as the crew’s previous home. Bring it, b-boys! — April Corbin, web content editor

Photo of Mark Adams

Mark Adams joined the Las Vegas Weekly in 2010 and now serves as the magazine’s web editor. You can also ...

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Sarah Feldberg

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Ken Miller is Las Vegas Weekly's associate editor, having previously served as assistant features editor at the Las Vegas Sun ...

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