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Don’t feed the bears … and then shoot them

Black bear hunting season ends December 31 in Nevada.
Greg Jenson, The Clarion Ledger

A black bear is dead. Murdered. Well, “hunted,” is the right term, but the way the bear’s death has been investigated, you’d think it was a murder. Nevada’s first black bear hunting season is being held from August 20 to December 31 this year, with a maximum “harvest” of 20 bears, but the hunt has not come without incident.

Gun safety instructor Timothy Kawelmacher, the first to kill a bear, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts as a result of his kill. What was his crime? Did he use an illegal converted AK-47? No. He used apples and bacon grease to attract a black bear. See, now that bear hunting’s on the books, you can shoot the bears, but you can’t bait them with delicious-smelling food. So, hunters, take note: If you want to attract a big papa black bear before the season’s out, you’ll have to head to your closet and dust off the ol’ female bear suit.

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