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Vegas learns to speak bespoke

Stitched’s custom suits channel character without compromising class

Cosmo’s tailor shop offers serious suits for those seeking custom options.
Photo: Justin M. Bowen
Sam Glaser

Historically, bespoke tailored suits were reserved for well-heeled Englishmen shopping on London’s Savile Row. Now, at Cosmopolitan’s Stitched, Las Vegas professionals and socialites can experience the precision of made-to-order clothing with every detail considered to suit the customer’s creative direction. Those who can afford the Stitched treatment—a bespoke suit starts at $750 and goes up to around $3,000—enjoy an impeccable experience, from the suits to the scotch.

Though the options are endless, here are 10 steps to a complete bespoke suit that’s completely you:

Stitched's Eamon Springall knows how to dress, and he can help dress you.

1. Fabric quality, design and color The most premium fabric, called super 250s, correspond to the finest fiber diameter and are available from name brands like Zegna, Scabal, Loro Piana and Marzoni. Top-grade wool feels smooth and effortlessly light—never scratchy or stiff.

2. Silhouette Today’s prevailing look is a modern, slim, European cut. You may prefer a more classic, relaxed, American style. Head-to-toe measurements ensure that whichever cut you choose, you’ll always get a perfectly tailored fit.

3. Lapel width and style A notched lapel is classic. A peaked lapel is formal. Shawl lapels, like those on tuxedos, came into trend during the holidays this past year, although more so in knits than everyday suiting. Go with something that will make you feel good, beyond the next six months.

4. Interior lining Are you powerful burgundy, confident pink or ’80s neon? With a custom lining, you’ll want to keep your wallet and phone in your inside chest pocket just so you can casually flash your new hue.

5. Thread color Subtle? Sure, but it’s a key element to match or complement your suit’s details.

6. Buttons Try a unique button layout on the sleeves, like three black with a fourth red button on top.

7. Buttonholes Add color to match the shade in your suit’s lining.

8. Pocket squares Typically loose fabric; Stitched offers a folded and sewn option for those who prefer something lower maintenance.

9. Pants Go for embroidered belt loops and interior waistbands, and choose flat-front, single-pleat or double-pleat pants.

10. Vest and/or tie Details make the difference, so tie your whole look together with accessories that bring out the best in your suit.

When all is said and done, your bespoke suit comes with a personalized tag, marked “one of one,” and is delivered in 4-6 weeks, with optional overnight production and delivery. While the price isn’t cheap for bespoke style, it’s a steal compared with department stores’ less-customized, made-to-measure alternatives. If you’re not in the suit market, Stitched also carries ready-to-wear from brands including Rogan, Comune, Esquivel and Creative Recreation and jewelry from LA celebrity hot spot Jason of Beverly Hills.


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