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Would you pay $5K for a burger?

This isn’t your everyday burger.

Either the economy’s officially rebounded or Las Vegas just can’t break its bad habits. How else do you explain a $5,000 burger? Fleur, Hubert Keller’s new restaurant at Mandalay Bay, now offers the FleurBurger 5000—Kobe beef, foie gras and black truffles. Oh, and a bottle of Petrus, which makes up the bulk of the tab. While we’re not exactly thrilled that Sin City continues to flaunt such excess at a time when so many are struggling—Keller’s not the only offender; witness Serendipity’s $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae—it is, in an odd way, comforting to know that some things about Vegas will never change. And hey, Fleur’s sandwich definitely a step up from the $6,000 “combo meal” offered at the Carl’s Jr. at the Palms in 2006— a Six-Dollar Burger served with a bottle of Bordeaux. Not to mention Keller’s is a grand cheaper. That’s progress of a sort, right?

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