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Conversation starters: From Mike Tyson to Nevada’s new cell phone law

    • No LOL matter

      The law went into effect in January, but apparently we haven’t gotten the hint: Nevada drivers are still using hand-held cell phones in the car. Metro issued 2,300 tickets over the first three months of the year, and now various Southern Nevada law enforcement agencies are putting extra officers on the road to combat distracted driving. Quick, text your friends and let them know. Do it now—no time to pull over.

    • Pulling punches

      Mike Tyson’s one-man show opened at the MGM on April 13 with a dapper Iron Mike taking the mic to tell his own “undisputed truth.” I have a really funny joke about this, but what I don’t have is a death wish, so I’ll just keep it to myself.

    • Bus-ted

      In Chicago, a Nevada man was arrested because he admitted to Greyhound security officers that he had weapons and ammunition in his luggage. He was charged with felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. It’s all part of the CPD’s No Good Deed Goes Unpunished initiative.

    • Viva Las Scapegoat

      Democratic Rep. Dina Titus has taken issue with the congressional inquiry on spending by General Services Administration officials (including an $823,000 local conference), calling the hearings an “attack on Las Vegas.” After all, it’s not our fault the GSA missed out on happy-hour pricing, late night dining and other sweet Vegas discounts. Perhaps they should’ve been reading the Weekly ...


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