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Not every year can be a Trekkie record-setter

Keep on livin’ long and prosperin’.
Photo: Sam Morris

Guinness World Records Star Trek Costume Attempt | Rio Hotel & Casino | August 11, 2012 | 12:32 p.m.

Las Vegas can be a great town for a news photographer, and one of the annual events that drives that home is the Star Trek convention held at the Rio. By no means would I call myself a Trekkie, but I did enjoy the series, its spinoffs and the couple of feature films I’ve seen. What I really enjoy, however, is seeing people get together and revel unabashedly in their love for a particular thing—in this case a 45-year-old television show and its subsequent canon of variations on the original. I don’t get a chance to cover the convention every year, but this year I ducked in on the attempt to surpass last year’s record of most Star Trek-costumed people in one place. As the fans waited to enter the theatre for the official count, one person held up her hand in a Vulcan salute for all the photographers taking snapshots of the 800-plus people lined up for the attempt. They didn’t break the record of 1,040 but hey, there’s always next year. And the next …

Photo of Sam Morris

Sam Morris

Sam Morris is an Iowa native who made his way to Las Vegas 11 years ago after beginning his career ...

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