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Thinking about Shania, Pappy Van Winkle, ‘Zarkana’ and more

    • The new sexy

      Age 17, 27, 37 or 47 (she’s the latter), new Caesars Palace headliner Shania Twain has never looked sexier. And the 40s have never looked so hot. —Don Chareunsy, contributing editor

    • Bottle shock

      Thanks to the great folks at Total Wine in Henderson, my dream of a bottle of 15-year-old Pappy Van Winkle has been realized. And in case you’re wondering, oh hell yeah, it was more than worth the wait. —Ken Miller, associate editor

    • Elvis who?

      I may have been one of the few who enjoyed Viva Elvis, but it couldn’t compare to the thrills and slightly spooky artistry of Zarkana. Cirque’s new Vegas show is simply exhilarating. —Brock Radke, web & food editor

    • Misery loves Crotty

      This week, the president and COO of Aria resigned. We really hope it had nothing to do with that HuffPo blogger Crotty and his recent rant about polite switchboard operators. Please, don’t encourage him. —Erin Ryan, staff writer

    • Club casual?

      Okay, Vegas nightclubs, I triple-dog-dare you: Put on a real pajama party, not some skanky lingerie night like you always do. My moccasins are ready. —Mark Adams, associate web editor

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    Photo of Mark Adams

    Mark Adams joined the Las Vegas Weekly in 2010 and now serves as the magazine’s web editor. You can also ...

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    Photo of Don Chareunsy

    Don was born in Laos and grew up in Montana. He was Helena High's yearbook and newspaper editor and, after ...

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    Photo of Ken Miller

    Ken Miller is Las Vegas Weekly's associate editor, having previously served as assistant features editor at the Las Vegas Sun ...

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    Photo of Brock Radke

    Brock Radke has been working in media in Las Vegas for 15 years. Prior to being named associate editor, he ...

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    Erin Ryan

    Erin got her first newspaper job in 2002 thanks to a campfire story about Bigfoot. In her award-winning work for ...

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