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Queen vs. quarterback: Comparing Miss Universe and the Lingerie Football League

Cal Sport Media (LFL), Andrew Penner (Miss Universe)


Las Vegas Sin
June 22, July 20
Orleans Arena
Beyond the Weekly
Las Vegas Sin
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Miss Universe: “Confidently Beautiful”

Lingerie Football League: “True Fantasy Football”

Founding Year

Miss Universe: 1952

Lingerie Football League: 2009

What it is

Miss Universe: International beauty pageant (swimwear; evening wear; live interview)

Lingerie Football League: American football with a twist (lingerie; helmet/pads; full contact)


Miss Universe: 75-85 countries send hopefuls

Lingerie Football League: Las Vegas Sin, LA Temptation, Philadelphia Passion, Baltimore Charm, Green Bay Chill, Minnesota Valkyrie, Chicago Bliss, Omaha Heart, Cleveland Crush, Tampa Breeze, Atlanta Steam, Seattle Mist

Age Range

Miss Universe: 18-27

Lingerie Football League: 18 and up


Miss Universe: “No, contestants may not be married or pregnant. They must not have ever been married, not had a marriage annulled nor given birth to, or parented, a child. The titleholders are also required to remain single throughout their reign.”

Lingerie Football League: Sure.

Facebook Likes

Miss Universe: 260,324

Lingerie Football League: 328,484


Miss Universe: “As Miss Universe, I want to show the world that there is more to Africa than poverty, hunger and disease.” —Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes of Angola

Lingerie Football League: “When in doubt hit everything.” —Las Vegas Sin Twitter feed


Miss Universe:

Lingerie Football League:


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