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Arts District

Colorful Downtown bungalows become Artists Walk studios—and they’re renting now

Oakbrook Realty & Investments say long-term plans include erecting small stages for live performances.
Photo: Sarah Feldberg

Past the Arts Factory, as you head down Casino Center Boulevard towards Fremont, is one of my favorite blocks in town. A handful of bungalows in various states of repair are covered with vibrant murals and graffiti. The front door of one building sports a man in a gas mask with the words, “Please pardon our dust,” and if you stand at the right spot, the bungalows are framed by sleek high-rise Newport Lofts, two sides of the neighborhood in one focused frame. I’ve often wondered whether the cottages would ever be more than a colorful curiosity.

The answer came in the form of a banner. Oakbrook Realty & Investments, the Illinois-based company that owns the buildings, is renting them under the name Artists Walk, pitching the cottages as studios for $250-$300 a month. “Downtown probably has more construction than the rest of Las Vegas right now,” says Oakbrook’s Kevin Plencner, adding that long-term plans include erecting small stages for live performances and, eventually, tearing down the bungalows for a mid-rise that would have a grocery store with studio space upstairs. Here’s hoping they let artists have their way with that building, too.

Photo of Sarah Feldberg

Sarah Feldberg is the editor of Las Vegas Weekly magazine. A veteran journalist, Feldberg previously worked as the Weekly's web ...

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