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The lure of Thunderbirds

Photo: Sam Morris


Having the Air Force Thunderbirds based where you live can bring an occasional unexpected air show. Driving by Creech Air Force Base north of Las Vegas during their “off-season,” I’ve pulled my car over a couple times to enjoy what almost seemed like a private show. I never tire of watching these jets, and photographing them is like shooting fish in a barrel. Occasionally, covering an event multiple times, like the recent Aviation Nation at Nellis, I find myself trying not to rely on the same photos I’ve shot before. The Review-Journal photographer joked that he wasn’t going to shoot the Thunderbirds this year, and I laughed and thought about not shooting them, either. That idea was soon cast aside, and I shot away as the six F-16s took to the sky over North Las Vegas for their final show of the year. From the look of the paper the next day, the R-J photographer couldn’t help himself, either.

Photo of Sam Morris

Sam Morris

Sam Morris is an Iowa native who made his way to Las Vegas 11 years ago after beginning his career ...

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