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Cosmo is proving to be a world-beater on social media

The Cosmopolitan leads not only Strip properties in the number of Twitter followers, but also worldwide brands like Hilton and Hyatt.

The Cosmopolitan has some serious bragging rights this week. The property with “just the right amount of wrong” not only has the most Twitter followers among Strip properties with 218,655 (the closest competition is MGM Grand, with 151,028), it’s even beating global brands like Hilton and Hyatt.

But as Lisa Marchese, chief marketing officer for Cosmo, explains, the property’s social media strategy goes much further than just 140 characters. Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr are also used extensively in its campaign and everything is shared, including packing tips, upcoming artist installations, wine-pairing suggestions and recipes for dishes and drinks they can find around the world, as well as at the resort’s restaurants and bars.

“We try to stay relevant, be current and have a great conversation along the way,” Marchese says. “We welcome different points of view, we do not filter, we do not edit and we always speak with a voice of authenticity. If we can spark an idea or a conversation, that is a win.” Mission accomplished, Cosmo.

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