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In honor of Caesars’ new hotel, five things also named Cromwell

The Cromwell Las Vegas.
Caesars Entertainment

Last week, Caesars Entertainment revealed the new name of the old Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall: The Cromwell. Here are five other Cromwells from which the 188-room luxury boutique hotel and casino can draw inspiration:

Oliver Cromwell

This controversial military and political leader ruled as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1653-1658. Debated as a hero or genocidal dictator, Cromwell died in 1658 and was exhumed and posthumously beheaded two years later.

Cromwell, Connecticut

The “Crossroads of Connecticut” boasts a population of about 14,000, some historic houses and TPC River Highlands, a private golf club that hosts a stop on the PGA Tour.

Thomas Cromwell

The first Earl of Essex helped arrange an annulment of King Henry VIII’s marriage so he could put a ring on Anne Boleyn. Cromwell, a distant relative of Oliver Cromwell (above), was executed for treason in 1540 after arranging yet another of the king’s couplings.

Cromwell Tank

A medium-sized British tank that first saw action during WWII at the Battle of Normandy.

Cromwell, New Zealand

A lakeside gold-strike town now known for its stone-fruit orchards, the critically endangered Cromwell Chafer Beetle and a 42-foot fiberglass roadside fruit sculpture.

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