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Another loss in the nightlife community: Steve Baach

April 29th, 2009

Local liquor representative and DJ manager Steve Baach was killed in a car accident on April 17.

  • Las Vegas finance executive Alicia Taylor recently dropped what she was doing – and her clothes – to pose for Playboy.

  • Starting today, your Nevada driver's license is the only VIP card you'll need to cash in on locals deals on show tickets, restaurant meals, nightclub admissions, spa treatments and hotel rooms.

  • A glimpse of a rock star's hotel suite used to require posing as a maid or seducing said rock star from the front row. Now, all you need is Twitter

  • The devoted saw a different kind of holy vision when a Girls Gone Wild ad interrupted a live broadcast of Good Friday Mass at the Vatican late on Friday night.

  • Last Saturday over a thousand New Yorkers gathered on Wall Street to let feathers fly for World Pillow Fight Day.

  • New bills in the Florida House and Senate could turn Florida into a “mini-Las Vegas,” though it's hard to imagine why at this particular moment they would call that a good thing.

  • Legendary coach Bobby Knight and long-time sports broadcaster Billy Packer teamed up this week at the Wynn to film Billy Packer’s Survive and Advance March Madness show.

  • It takes a lot of star power to upstage Frank Sinatra, Liberace and The Divine Miss M, but last night at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, Mayor Oscar Goodman had more than enough.

  • In the wake of actress Natasha Richardson's untimely death after a skiing accident, helmets sales were up and prices down at Brian Head Resort this past weekend.

  • What if you want to watch Duke sink shots alongside other Blue Devil faithful without worrying about UNC fans harassing you? The FanFinder Mobile iPhone app groups sports bars by team affiliation, so you can watch games with like-minded fans.

  • This is a note for all the single ladies out there were feeling sorry for their solo selves on Valentine’s Day: Stop your pouting.

  • “Life is sh*t for a lot of people. And sometimes you gotta embrace that.”

  • “Las Vegas has truly become the world’s restaurant capital,” said celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse. “Las Vegas has the best collection of celebrity restaurants and chefs of any city in the world.”

  • Twinkies for breakfast and applauses that are "almost" better than sex. Almost.

  • Because if you're a true fan, you'll work your way through the good and the bad.

  • Hakkasan Las Vegas at MGM Grand (along with other Hakkasan locations) is celebrating Golden Week (Sept. 29-Oct. 12) with an authentic and special set menu — and it is special and cause for celebration.

  • LuckyRice is a highlight of the annual culinary calendar, and Saturday night did not disappoint with delectable Asian street food and modern variations. Also, the autumn weather could not have been more cooperative.

  • From concert posters to old-school gadgetry, Vic Wilburn has fine-tuned his favorite spot in the house.

  • Her legendary character will be featured on some Bally slot machines.

  • Prince makes up for lost time with Art Official Age and PlectrumElectrum.

  • "My plan is to play the first show, gauge the reaction and season to taste after that."

  • Linkin Park, John Legend, The Deftones and ticket presale also included in Times Square announcement.

  • "If I could pull a Beatles move and just make records, I think I would be really happy."

  • Debuting Smith Galtney's new pop-culture column, Cultural Attachment.

  • Brett Bolton showed off new tunes and some serious visual eye food.

  • Where does hip-hop fit in—and how can you get booked at Bunkhouse?

  • The Masterworks concert featuring Deborah Voigt is the stuff of dreams.

  • "I figured we’d make something, and at worst it would be better than Project Runway."

  • What makes their show so fun? Organic herbs, booze and stretching.