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Josh Bell Hates Everything

Chad Clinton Freeman joins Josh to talk about Quentin Tarantino's new film Django Unchained.

Talking Tarantino

December 21st, 2012

Chad Clinton Freeman joins Josh to talk about Quentin Tarantino's new film Django Unchained.

  • Film critic and historian Tony Macklin joins Josh to talk all about Alfred Hitchcock.

  • Will the new Hobbit movies live up to the original Lord of the Rings trilogy? Listen and find out.

  • Time to talk Bond. James Bond.

  • Josh welcomes Brian Black to discuss Tim Burton's latest film and long, stylistic career.

  • Josh welcomes Drafhouse Cinema's Roger Erik Tinch to discuss Anderson's new film and body of work.

  • Erin Ryan joins Josh to look at some of the most high-profile new shows from the upcoming fall TV season.

  • What has Tom Cruise done to (or for) the movie musical?

  • Josh talks Ridley Scott's new sci-fi epic.

  • Look into the future with Josh Bell and Jeffrey K. Howard.

  • Josh and Tony Macklin break down their favorites.

  • Josh talks it out with Roger Erik Tinch.

  • From heartwarming classics to heart-stabbing horror movies.

  • Josh talks with Anna Smedley, who's both a Twilight fan and a researcher of the fan phenomenon.

  • It's iconic horror time with Josh and friends!

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  • Technology

    The Dot-Vegas gods want you to think their crappy real estate is the next Fifth Avenue. ... It’s not Fifth Avenue. It’s Siberia.

  • Entertainment

    He's got some pretty strong feelings about the ice bucket challenge, too.

  • Nightlife

    The Aria nightspot opened shortly after the resort in December 2009.

  • A&E

    Linkin Park, John Legend, The Deftones and ticket presale also included in Times Square announcement.

  • Features

    It's about more than the cut. It's camaraderie, indulgence, relaxation and debate—and it leaves you thinking, damn, I look good.

  • A&E

    "I figured we’d make something, and at worst it would be better than Project Runway."

  • Entertainment

    What's the difference between a showgirl and a stripper? Easy ...

  • Dining

    The chef closed his landmark Fleur de Lys restaurant in San Francisco earlier this year.

  • As We See It

    Wynn's five-day Diamond Extravagance party package includes a first dance choreographed by Le Rêve performers and more.

  • Dining

    This year, pair your favorite French wine with duck foie gras crème brûlée with rhubarb meringue.

  • Dining

    The team behind the Dragon Grille food truck specializes in Hawaiian-style chicken tenders.

  • Downtown

    One source said the cuts directly hit non-revenue-generating entities—the Learning Village, music programs and the Window at the Ogden.

  • Entertainment

    Identical twin tap dancers Sean and John are now holding down the stage in Absinthe: "Tap dancing is a form of percussion, and I’m just ...

  • A&E

    Debuting Smith Galtney's new pop-culture column, Cultural Attachment.

  • Entertainment

    Not so long ago, speaker series were widely considered the dregs of the entertainment calendar. Not anymore.

  • Dining

    The popular LA burger joint and the new Asian concept from José Andrés are the most approachable eateries at the new Strip casino.

  • Nightlife

    Also, a beer fest at Cosmo and Artifice puts on a Pride Prom.

  • Nightlife

    The Downtown bar partnered with nearby O Face Doughnuts for the new dessert cocktail.

  • Nightlife

    “This wasn’t just any record collection—this was the record collection that basically defines what hip-hop is.”