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Off The Record

Dancing the night away with Rainbow Arabia

March 14th, 2010

Rainbow Arabia's whistle blowing and rattle shaking left Beauty Bar wanting more.

Off The Record


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Joe Jonas DJs at Foxtail

October 20th, 2014
  • Daniel James of Leopold and His Fiction drops in for some bonus Reverb.

  • Neon Reverb’s loudest band wakes up the neighbors.

  • Locals turned out in force to hear the Raiders' new sound.

  • LA trio appears poised for a big 2010.

  • The local girls accompanied Hopkins’ lyrics with their harmonies, although they were mostly overrun.

  • Sole's between-songs banter proved that the hip-hop artist knows how to kid.

  • Continued development of NSW “community” on display at the Aruba

  • When a good band and a good crowd don’t add up to a good turnout.

  • San Francisco’s LoveLikeFire join tonight’s Bunkhouse lineup.

  • Georgia’s Twin Tigers blow eardrums—and minds.

  • Arizona’s Rebel Set fights for tender hearts and minds.

  • “Life is sh*t for a lot of people. And sometimes you gotta embrace that.”

  • “Las Vegas has truly become the world’s restaurant capital,” said celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse. “Las Vegas has the best collection of celebrity restaurants and chefs of any city in the world.”

  • Twinkies for breakfast and applauses that are "almost" better than sex. Almost.

  • Because if you're a true fan, you'll work your way through the good and the bad.

  • Hakkasan Las Vegas at MGM Grand (along with other Hakkasan locations) is celebrating Golden Week (Sept. 29-Oct. 12) with an authentic and special set menu — and it is special and cause for celebration.

  • LuckyRice is a highlight of the annual culinary calendar, and Saturday night did not disappoint with delectable Asian street food and modern variations. Also, the autumn weather could not have been more cooperative.

  • From concert posters to old-school gadgetry, Vic Wilburn has fine-tuned his favorite spot in the house.

  • Her legendary character will be featured on some Bally slot machines.

  • Prince makes up for lost time with Art Official Age and PlectrumElectrum.

  • "My plan is to play the first show, gauge the reaction and season to taste after that."

  • Linkin Park, John Legend, The Deftones and ticket presale also included in Times Square announcement.

  • "If I could pull a Beatles move and just make records, I think I would be really happy."

  • Debuting Smith Galtney's new pop-culture column, Cultural Attachment.

  • Brett Bolton showed off new tunes and some serious visual eye food.

  • Where does hip-hop fit in—and how can you get booked at Bunkhouse?

  • The Masterworks concert featuring Deborah Voigt is the stuff of dreams.

  • "I figured we’d make something, and at worst it would be better than Project Runway."

  • What makes their show so fun? Organic herbs, booze and stretching.