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Off The Record

Dancing the night away with Rainbow Arabia

March 14th, 2010

Rainbow Arabia's whistle blowing and rattle shaking left Beauty Bar wanting more.

Off The Record


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  • Daniel James of Leopold and His Fiction drops in for some bonus Reverb.

  • Neon Reverb’s loudest band wakes up the neighbors.

  • Locals turned out in force to hear the Raiders' new sound.

  • LA trio appears poised for a big 2010.

  • The local girls accompanied Hopkins’ lyrics with their harmonies, although they were mostly overrun.

  • Sole's between-songs banter proved that the hip-hop artist knows how to kid.

  • Continued development of NSW “community” on display at the Aruba

  • When a good band and a good crowd don’t add up to a good turnout.

  • San Francisco’s LoveLikeFire join tonight’s Bunkhouse lineup.

  • Georgia’s Twin Tigers blow eardrums—and minds.

  • Arizona’s Rebel Set fights for tender hearts and minds.

  • As great nights with old friends tend to, it flew by, leaving the audience buzzing but also a bit bummed.

  • Amid chatter about the unsteady future of “Vegas Nocturne” at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. in the Cosmopolitan, an online report posted today says the show is effectively being put to sleep. The same story said the show might surface at the soon-to-open SLS. ...

  • The Weekly's Spencer Patterson points you to Carla Bozulich, Morgan Delt, Innercity Ensemble and more.

  • From fireworks shows to community events to nightclub parties, how to celebrate America's big 238.

  • Cosplay costumes, a role-playing game called DrunkQuest and more.

  • Plus live music at Lavo, a Kickstarter and upcoming releases from Vegas locals.

  • The Fun. guitarist's new project comes to Vegas on June 26.

  • Explore the new Strip development on a budget every week this summer.

  • There's promise and appeal beyond EDM and the high-production stages for which EDC is most known

  • The discussion couldn’t have come at a timelier moment.

  • Less Than Jake, Echosmith and many more.

  • The frontman for The Spencer Davis Group left most of his hard stuff at home.

  • And William Shatner's one-man show returns!

  • Sludgy guitars, British heavy metal and dark stoner-rock.

  • Felony Melony talks GG Allin, rock revolutions and what Super Charged Little Nova really means.

  • Our favorite part? Definitely the Flashdance-inspired water bottle pour.

  • Jefferies locks in on his targets and goes hard at them.

  • Sola Fiedler's large-scale tapestry of the Strip and outlying areas will serve as a centerpiece for the annual ARTrageous event this year.