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The Playground

Vegas Uncork'd: Let the meals begin!

May 6th, 2010

Where Gagnaire and Robuchon have been chowing, and what's up with Shawn McClain's Chicago empire.

  • Add gambling to Vegas-bound flight rituals like drinking and reading up on poker strategy.

  • Are 38 toilets enough for thousands of Tea drinkers?

  • That was not a rhetorical question. We really have the odds. Lots of them.

  • ...and other thoughts from the 27-foot Wienermobile.

  • With special appearances by Chuck Norris, Dracula and Hamburglar!

  • If a restaurant closes in a casino and nobody knows it...

  • Rubber band, that is.

  • See the multiple personality comedian live at Caesars Palace!

  • Also, it's a good thing I don't drive a hybrid.

  • The fight against HIV/AIDS has never looked so good.

  • What the Weekly overheard during NASCAR Weekend

  • From concert posters to old-school gadgetry, Vic Wilburn has fine-tuned his favorite spot in the house.

  • Her legendary character will be featured on some Bally slot machines.

  • Prince makes up for lost time with Art Official Age and PlectrumElectrum.

  • "My plan is to play the first show, gauge the reaction and season to taste after that."

  • Linkin Park, John Legend, The Deftones and ticket presale also included in Times Square announcement.

  • "If I could pull a Beatles move and just make records, I think I would be really happy."

  • Debuting Smith Galtney's new pop-culture column, Cultural Attachment.

  • Brett Bolton showed off new tunes and some serious visual eye food.

  • Where does hip-hop fit in—and how can you get booked at Bunkhouse?

  • The Masterworks concert featuring Deborah Voigt is the stuff of dreams.

  • "I figured we’d make something, and at worst it would be better than Project Runway."

  • What makes their show so fun? Organic herbs, booze and stretching.

  • Both signs are part of the Boneyard’s permanent exhibit and are among six in the yard that have been restored.

  • The Emmy-nominated actress discusses projects outside OITNB, her go-to cocktail and how Jubilee is a "kiki."

  • Kitze + The CPUs' tech-heavy show includes projection-mapped visuals, drum pads—and a joystick.

  • The band has reached its end—but the future is bright for its members.

  • “Deep down I feel like I have this hippie kind of spirit.”

  • But the cartoonist says his latest graphic novel isn’t autobiographical.