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60-second grocery shopper

Blue Bunny Big Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich (6 oz. sandwich, $1.09 at Terrible’s Chevron convenience stores)

Winter is here, and what better way to revel in the cold than with ice cream? Yup. Nothing like ice cream on a cold day to make you forget those 100-degree moments in July. But you’re on a budget, you only want a little bit, and the cheapest thing at premium ice-cream boutiques costs three bucks.

The folks at Blue Bunny have come up with a reasonable substitute—their Big Vanilla ice cream sandwich. Granted, the vanilla and chocolate tastes are artificially induced; however, the chocolate-flavored wafers bookend a rich and creamy vanilla-flavored ice cream that could hold you over until the economy improves. It’s a good, easily found deal.


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