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Johnny McGuire’s: Serving up fatty subs

Sub “dill-ivery” vehicle.
Photo: Sarah Feldberg

Obesity epidemic be damned! The slogan for Johnny McGuire’s Deli is “Health Food Sucks!” and with sandwiches that come in sizes skinny (6 inches), regular (8 inches) and fatty (12 inches), it would seem the new addition to Town Square isn’t worried about widening waistlines. Actually, corrects General Manager Keith McCoy, the tagline is more of an “inside joke” that harkens back to the restaurant’s 20-year-old location in Aspen, Colorado. Something about a rivalry with a nearby health food store …

Johnny McGuire's

However, the Vegas location is all about being good neighbors. Already McGuire’s does a brisk lunch business, serving Town Square employees subs in 29 signature styles, like the 220-B (grilled steak, turkey, bacon, BBQ sauce and horseradish) and the Buddha (made with turkey, Swiss, curry mayo, sprouts and sunflower seeds). If you don’t see one you like, you can build your own with all the usual fixins' or opt for a Chicago hot dog with cheese and chili or hand-cut French fries. Order them stacked with cheddar, bacon, scallions and sour cream and they’ll be made fresh.

“It’s at least eight minutes,” McCoy says.

If McGuire’s made-to-order meals take a little longer to prepare, that’s OK. The restaurant, which opened across from Cadillac Ranch and Blue Martini in May, is airy and modern with big windows and plenty of counter seating. Also an interior designer, McCoy designed the space and says that he wants it to become a place for people to meet and hang out. Customers are invited to bring in photos, bumper stickers and artwork to decorate the walls, and even the bathrooms, which are painted with chalkboard paint, can be tagged.

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Johnny McGuire's
Town Square, 6599 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Johnny McGuire's

Patrons with extra large appetites have a place on the wall, as well. A plaque dedicated to the 24” Club immortalizes sandwich fiends who can make it through a 24-inch sub of their choice in 40 minutes or less. The shop has upped the ante from other big eats challenges: Finish it and it’s free, but if you don’t the charge is double.

“That’s a $50 sandwich,” McCoy laughs. It probably comes with a tummy ache.

In another neighborly move, Johnny McGuire’s stays open until 5 a.m. on weekends so drinkers that pour out of nearby bars can gorge themselves on bacon-laden subs and giant brownies before heading home. After a few rounds of drinks, health food does suck. Who ever craved a late-night tofu dog?

Photo of Sarah Feldberg

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