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Pahrump Valley Winery ready to stomp some grapes

Participants are allowed to take their shoes off and jump right in at Pahrump Valley Winery’s Grape Stomp Festival.


Grape Stomp Festival
Oct. 9 & 10, 12 p.m., $5-$30
Pahrump Valley Winery

Despite our five-star restaurants and world-class sommeliers, this stubbornly remains a beer and liquor kind of town. Order a Cabernet from a cocktail waitress on the Strip and you're likely to be served a tumbler filled with syrupy red swill. It may come as a surprise, then, that nationally recognized wine is produced just 50 miles southwest of Vegas, at Pahrump Valley Winery. Using grapes grown in Nevada, California and Oregon, the winery has won more than 100 awards since 2004. Local oenophiles need no better excuse to check its offerings than this weekend's Grape Stomp Festival, a two-day celebration of the harvest season featuring live music, food, and drawings. Stomping is, of course, optional.


John P. McDonnall

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