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Estiatorio Milos chef Tyler Bringhurst is obsessed with pickles

When he’s not in the kitchen at Milos, Tyler Bringhurst might be trying out other restaurants around town and trying to duplicate their dishes.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Here’s one thing you need to know about Estiatorio Milos executive chef Tyler Bringhurst: He likes pickles … a lot. Of course, helming a Greek restaurant focused on seafood doesn’t give him a lot of time with his favorite food. But outside the kitchen, it’s another story.

Market: International Market “If there’s something that I’ve never had before and it’s pickled, I’ll just take it off the shelf and eat it. I kind of feel like I was German in another life, since I love pickles so much.”

Comfort food: burgers “I’m a huge fan of any mom-and-pop burger places. The only franchise I like is In-N-Out. I love Bachi Burger. Oh man, that’s really good.”

Pastime outside the kitchen: re-creating dishes from other restaurants “If I find something I really like when we go out, I’ll try to make it at my house. I’ll tweak it in my own direction. We went to Sen of Japan and had their agedashi tofu with miso soup. I tried to make it, but I really didn’t get that close at all. I’ve also tried messing with Bachi burgers, which was a little more successful.”

Snack: pickled okra “Did I mention how much I love pickles? I drink pickle juice when I can. My wife finds it embarrassing. I’m from Utah, and the first time I had pickled okra was at a Shoney’s. They had pickled okra on the salad bar, and I thought it was the best thing ever. I had huge plates of just pickled okra. I went to town—and then I got sick.”

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