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The Board of Regents chose Len Jessup of the University of Arizona as their choice hire for UNLV president.

In Jessup we trust? BOR's pick for UNLV's next prez has proven himself a solid fundraiser

November 26th, 2014

The Board of Regents chose Len Jessup of the University of Arizona as their choice hire for UNLV president.

  • As We See It

    The margins tax initiative that failed on election night last week is just one in a series of recent failures.

  • As We See It

    “It is not being proposed to teach in kindergarten. Not even close. We would never be discussing that.”

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    Cheating firemen. Jimmy Kimmel's big CCSD donation. Lake Tahoe's four-pound goldfish (!), plus other stories you might have missed in 2013.

  • As We See It

    The NHSPE, a barrier to graduation for those who don’t pass it, will be phased out beginning in the 2014-15 school year ... which means ...

  • Entertainment

    From Matthew Gray Gubler to Julianne Hough, these stars used to be local students.

  • News

    UNLV is planning to build apartment-style dormitories that officials hope will be open to students by fall 2015.

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    As a not-so-popular teenager, she took up running. When the other kids saw she was good at it, high school life became easier. Almost two ...

  • News

    While Nevada lawmakers debate the merits of legalizing marijuana, one company is looking at opening the state's first medical marijuana school this month. The Budtender ...

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    A once-empty lot at Eighth and Fremont streets, adjacent to the coming downtown Container Park, is now full of more than a dozen large trailers. ...

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    Stefania Druga is only 26 but has lived around the world and, more intriguingly, knows how to make a battery from a lemon, extract DNA ...

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    University of Iowa lecturer David Gould has created a course that links Las Vegas and Iowa City because of what’s happening downtown; it might not ...

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    In a city driven by sex, one group is trying to help Las Vegas residents explore sexuality in a decidedly novel way.

  • AllNews

    Players gather around a craps table in a dimly lit room filled with slot machines and blackjack tables. A woman throws a pair of dice, ...

  • Community

    Over the past few months, thousands of young Nevadans have gotten their first taste of politics in the trenches as volunteers for presidential campaigns. As ...

  • Education

    On Wednesday — the day before "move-in day" — Richard Clark, UNLV's director of housing and residential life, gave the Sun an extensive tour of ...

  • Education

    A lot has changed at Chaparral High School this year — new leadership, new teachers and a new attitude about discipline and academics. Not everyone ...

  • Education

    With graduation on June 15, Weekly checks back in with the students we met last fall.

  • Henderson

    Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like we live in a ridiculous town. In the latest example, Clark County has put the squeeze on a ...

  • Education

    When President Barack Obama takes center stage at UNLV today, he’ll be stumping on student loans and repeating a complaint that’s become a central refrain ...

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    Sam Nazarian has been the driving force behind SLS Las Vegas, but he encountered serious difficulty two weeks ago when ...

  • Nightlife

    Hakkasan Group initiated a major shakeup of the Strip’s nightlife business today with plans to acquire another prominent nightlife company, The Light Group, for $36 ...

  • The Kats Report BlogAggregate

    Half of the long-running and market-topping KXMB 94.1 “The Mix” morning radio team has announced a departure. Mark DiCiero, who teamed with Mercedes Martinez for ...

  • Music

    Extreme Thing attracted the high school and early-20s sets, who have taken to Facebook demanding answers.

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    Also: Bass Drum of Death at Beauty Bar, Zola Jesus and The Growlers at Bunkhouse.

  • Dining

    We all love Lotus of Siam, and we've all discovered Chada. What great Thai restaurants are we missing?

  • Dining

    After a pre-opening tasting, it seems like Summerlin has another great Asian dining option.

  • Dining

    What’s a girl to do when she knows her Las Vegas days are coming to an end? Eat up!

  • DiningFoodMusic

    Space food, cute overload (for your feet), great brews and music and so much more in our annual guide to giving.

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    Up close, personal and behind the scenes at Fitness America Weekend—these men and women have pushed their bodies to the max.

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    For an artist who often seems to delight in denying audiences what they want, Billy Corgan was remarkably accommodating.

  • Reviews

    SLS is still new but it’s already clear that dining is the main reason to visit, and Cleo is a great place to begin.

  • As We See It

    Audio, images and artifacts chronicle its nearly 80-year relationship with the hotel industry at the UNLV Lied Library.

  • Food

    The newest Coca-Cola product is a low-calorie soda sweeted with Stevia extract and cane sugar. But how does it taste?

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    Everyone knows about 2014's Zeppelin, Dylan and Springsteen sets. Here are three others you might have missed.

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    Because sometimes you need a bit of help coming up with ideas, right?

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    The 68-year-old singer and songwriter still delivers what his fans love the most: great stories.

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    While others were wrapping Christmas gifts with paper and ribbon, Jennifer Henry was turning them into glamour.