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New Years 2008

A total of $500,000 was spent to fire 96,000 blasts from the rooftops of seven Strip resorts for more than 300,000 people, making New Year's Eve in Las Vegas the nation's grandest spectacle.

Felix Grucci: A man at the center of the New Year's Eve pyrotechnic storm

January 1st, 2010

A total of $500,000 was spent to fire 96,000 blasts from the rooftops of seven Strip resorts for more than 300,000 people, making New Year's Eve in Las Vegas the nation's grandest spectacle.

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    Exactly a year ago, the superstar Black Eyed Peas singer was ducking my impertinent questions about her engagement and upcoming wedding to handsome ...

  • Luxe Life

    It’s difficult to believe, but actor Matthew McConaughey and stunning girlfriend Camila Alves went unrecognized when they purchased margaritas at ...

  • Nocturnal Admissions

    It’s a marriage made for Vegas: UFC and LAX have tied the knot.

  • Robin Leachs Las Vegas Celebrity Watch

    Lovebirds Criss Angel and Holly Madison flew off this morning to start a weeklong vacation at a luxury beachfront resort in the millionaire’s playground of ...

  • Nocturnal Admissions

    Even minus one midnight kiss, a two-day stint at the Palms for New Year's yields an unexpected romance.

  • The Playground

    Oh, what a night. The Palms is often referred to as the place to party by both young Hollywood types and party-loving common folk, New ...

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    It was a last-minute call that literally held a life-and-death decision for stunt king Robbie Knievel -- and until now nobody knew about the behind-the-scenes ...

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    I arrived, unshowered, in sweatpants and with hair a-frizz outside Simon just after noon on New Year's Day. Despite not having slept for nearly 28 ...

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    Here's a fabulous photo gallery, by our fabulous contributing photographer Erik Kabik, of Fergie in concert on New Year's Eve at The Venetian Ballroom, where ...

  • The Playground

    Robbie Maddison may have cheated death on New Year’s Eve but he didn’t walk away from his motorcycle jump and freefall stunt unharmed.

  • Nocturnal Admissions

    While Paul Oakenfold’s Saturday night Perfecto party and live show always draws large crowds, the New Year’s Eve line-up had two notable differences – it ...

  • Debriefing

    Mayor Oscar Goodman was a veritable rock star on Fremont Street on New Year's Eve, and would we want it any other way?

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    “We’re not here to build a hotel and move on,” Sam Nazarian said at the pre-opening press conference. “This is who we are. And we’re ...

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    Like why your favorite place may be the parking garage.

  • As We See It

    MGM's Gold Strike casino in Tunica, Miss., recently opened a nonsmoking area.

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    Sam Nazarian has created just what he thinks Las Vegas deserves with SLS: A shiny new playground (that locals might be able to afford!).

  • Arts & EntertainmentNightlife

    The new SBE club opens at the freshly minted resort this weekend.

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    It all started with a list of notes on the Director’s desk ...

  • Dining News

    The Honey Salt team doubles down in the Summerlin area with its new Tivoli Village tavern.

  • Dining

    The Turkeygiving Burger should be crowned Vegas’ quintessential Thanksgiving-inspired dish.

  • SportsPolitics

    Changing the name of the Washington Redskins is going to happen, Reid says.

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    Outdoor concert should be the first of many at the new Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.

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    Who knew a dog trainer could twerk so well?

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    Artificial intelligence? Virtual worlds? Sign us up!

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    Also, Showboy Bakeshop plans the Broadway Bake Sale and Sammy's hosts another Social Club dinner.

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    Cappuccino, Wasabi Ginger, Mango Salsa or Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese? See which flavor rules with the Weekly foodie crew.

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    "I approach live music as a party, not a concert," says Jason Scoppa, the man behind the venue's design and concept.

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    All the details on this week's concert announcements.

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    From bacon jam to a mysteriously succulent turkey burger, Carson Kitchen is full of surprises.

  • Film

    If, however, you're looking for the same-old same-old, you'll probably have a great time.

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    What does the tragic controversy say about officer-involved shootings and our community?

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    Every new casino needs a new secret signature drink—an off-menu cocktail for those in the know.