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Spare change for beer

Todd English P.U.B.’s Nickel Beer Night serves Pabst at the right price.

That’ll be 15 cents.

I remember when a beer cost a nickel. That was last Tuesday. And the Tuesday before. It’s also tonight, and it will be next Tuesday, too.

Every Tuesday, Todd English P.U.B. at CityCenter extends goodwill toward locals in the form of Nickel Beer Night, the 9 p.m.-midnight reverse happy hour where cold pints of PBR go for as little as they did when your grandpa was drinking it. (Which he might have, since the beer’s been around since 1882.)

Launched a few weeks ago, the weekly event already has been a big hit among nickel-pinching locals or anyone looking to put their change jars to good use. For the sake of the pub, hopefully they’re getting hungry, too. Nothing goes with a five-cent beer like an order of Dirty Chips (kettle chips loaded with bacon bits, blue cheese dressing and scallions; $14) or grilled soft pretzels with house-made mustard ($6). And don’t forget: Just because you can buy 20 beers for $1, doesn’t mean you should tip your bartender in pennies.

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