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Four questions with Eric Michael Halderman, a VIP host at Mix Lounge

Eric Michael Halderman
Photo: Bill Hughes

Let’s say I get kicked out of your club. What can I do to get back in?

If you get 86’d from Mix, there’s usually a really good reason. There’s nothing you can do to get back in—no amount of explaining, pleading or money is going to do it. Now, as for the next night, it depends on your violation. If you were tossed for getting too drunk or sick, you’ll probably make it back. But if you were booted for fighting, stealing or drugs, it’s best if you go somewhere else.

What’s the weirdest reason you’ve had to turn someone away at the door?

People think anything goes in Vegas, especially when it comes to dress code. Guess what, folks? Vegas isn’t Halloween 24/7. Half-naked Elvis? Not getting in. And a quick tip to the bachelorettes carrying the big inflatable male genitals: Leave ’em in the room.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened in your club during the past month?

That would have to be the [Nonito] Donaire after-fight party we threw. Donaire easily won his fight, and we ended up at capacity with the door entry closed until we got some people to start leaving. It was a crazy party with photograph-hungry and partying fight fans packed in.

What do you do on your nights off?

I wind down. I’m a huge movie buff, so I take in a lot of Netflix. I hit the gym hard, cook a few nice meals at home.

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