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Daytime debauchery finds a home at Ghostbar Dayclub

Most dayclubs involve a swimming pool and tanning oil. Not at GBDC!
Aaron Garcia, N9NE Group

The concept of the “dayclub” was pretty simple until this past weekend. Such venues have usually involved a swimming pool, bottle service and tanning oil. But not at Ghostbar Dayclub. At GBDC, the dayclub comes indoors.

The 55th floor experience officially launched at the Palms on Saturday and is a daytime debauchery extravaganza. Whistles were blown, bottles were popped and the venue’s tiny dancefloor was packed with partying patrons.

With the subdued lighting at most nightclubs, it’s easy to miss the details of your surroundings. But this is Ghostbar with sunlight, and there were distractions—attractions?—everywhere.


Ghostbar Dayclub
Saturdays, 1 p.m.
$20 in advance, $25 at the door, ladies free.
Ghostbar, 942-6832
Beyond the Weekly

Loads of bubbles drifted through the crowd and confetti routinely rained over the dayparty, covering the dancefloor towards late afternoon. The venue’s servers and go-gos were decked out in rave wear—think candy wigs and neon tutus paired with bedazzled boots and brightly colored bras and bikini tops.

Throughout the afternoon, employees hopped on the bar to hold up beer bongs for thirsty partygoers, who also sucked down forties wrapped in brown paper bags with “GBDC” labels.

There seemed to be no clear dress code, as the dayclubbers’ attire ranged from nightclub chic to über-casual (to odd, as in the bunny-suited man riding in my elevator).

The climax of the day came with a highly anticipated piñata. The crowd cheered, and a serious ass-whupping followed, as a girl from the crowd smashed the confetti out of the colorful paper donkey.

Is GBDC a game changer? That remains to be seen, but it’s definitely an overwhelmingly fun way to spend your Saturday.

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