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Cocktail of the Week

Diddy Dirty Money

Wherever Sean “Diddy” Combs is found. Priceless.

Photo: Valentino Ristevski

Surprise! Diddy, the self-proclaimed “black Sinatra,” is also a self-styled mixologist. In town to promote his forthcoming concept album Last Train to Paris, as well as to negotiate a possible Vegas New Year’s Eve, Diddy treated the Weekly to a few of his own eponymous creations. The hip-hop impresario-cum-beverage marketeer and Ciroc will release the vodka’s first two flavor ventures this coming February—Coconut and Red Berry. Diddy said, “I’ve never tasted flavors that tasted right. They always taste like cough syrup. Coconut has to taste like coconut.” But why red berries, Mr. Combs? “I’m a raspberry-strawberry kind of guy.” Who knew?


2 oz. Ciroc Vodka

Fill with Ocean Spray White Cran-Peach

Method: Politely ask one of your entourage to go to the bar and get one for you.


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