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Lowball Diary

Two loungey watering holes prove Vegas maintains some vintage vibes.

Old-school, two ways: Restaurant-bars bring character, from Rat Pack tunes to live peacocks

June 24th, 2014

Two loungey watering holes prove Vegas maintains some vintage vibes.

  • How many phone numbers will three popular nightspots yield?

  • "I’ve always wanted to find my beer, one I’d order over an Old Fashioned not because it was socially correct or cheap but because it ...

  • The fashionable soiree series concludes next Thursday.

  • "Wandering the man-made wonderland was like dream hopping."

  • And Cantina Laredo's guacamole earns two mom hugs. Two.

  • Meet the man behind the zebra pants and plastic neckties. Sir Gaga has spent a dozen years clubbing up and down the Boulevard like it’s ...

  • Come spring, Denny's will have a chapel fit for a Grand Slam Wedding.

  • Full of craft cocktails and novelties, Fremont East needed a straight-up bar. Triple B has arrived.

  • Bubbles, confetti and bedazzled beer bongs on the 55th floor—the crazier the better at GBDC.

  • Closing out the season at Encore Beach Club, a venue as well-oiled as the tourists.

  • We've got it all, from margaritas to cosmic skating to jazzy happy hours.

  • Everything you want in a pub, plus freaking awesome chicken tenders.

  • Mixing Star competition final at Palazzo was a muddling masterpiece.

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  • Entertainment

    He's got some pretty strong feelings about the ice bucket challenge, too.

  • A&E

    Linkin Park, John Legend, The Deftones and ticket presale also included in Times Square announcement.

  • A&E

    "I figured we’d make something, and at worst it would be better than Project Runway."

  • Entertainment

    What's the difference between a showgirl and a stripper? Easy ...

  • Features

    It's about more than the cut. It's camaraderie, indulgence, relaxation and debate—and it leaves you thinking, damn, I look good.

  • Technology

    The Dot-Vegas gods want you to think their crappy real estate is the next Fifth Avenue. ... It’s not Fifth Avenue. It’s Siberia.

  • Dining

    The chef closed his landmark Fleur de Lys restaurant in San Francisco earlier this year.

  • As We See It

    Wynn's five-day Diamond Extravagance party package includes a first dance choreographed by Le Rêve performers and more.

  • Dining

    This year, pair your favorite French wine with duck foie gras crème brûlée with rhubarb meringue.

  • Dining

    The team behind the Dragon Grille food truck specializes in Hawaiian-style chicken tenders.

  • Entertainment

    Identical twin tap dancers Sean and John are now holding down the stage in Absinthe: "Tap dancing is a form of percussion, and I’m just ...

  • Entertainment

    Not so long ago, speaker series were widely considered the dregs of the entertainment calendar. Not anymore.

  • A&E

    Debuting Smith Galtney's new pop-culture column, Cultural Attachment.

  • Dining

    The popular LA burger joint and the new Asian concept from José Andrés are the most approachable eateries at the new Strip casino.

  • Nightlife

    Also, a beer fest at Cosmo and Artifice puts on a Pride Prom.

  • Nightlife

    “This wasn’t just any record collection—this was the record collection that basically defines what hip-hop is.”

  • A&E

    The Masterworks concert featuring Deborah Voigt is the stuff of dreams.

  • Nightlife

    The Downtown bar partnered with nearby O Face Doughnuts for the new dessert cocktail.

  • Music

    A “love-haunted set of blues, rock, jazz, folk and country”