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Nightlife News & Notes: The ladies rule Downtown

Change up your week with Ladyfriend Wednesdays at the Royal House.
Photo: Bill Hughes
Leslie Ventura

The ladies are taking over Downtown with a pair of new parties. We’re not exactly sure what a ladyfriend is, but we know that everyone is invited to Ladyfriend Wednesdays at the Royal House. “We’re still figuring things out,” says Vegas musician/event organizer Courtney Carroll, “but the plan is to have different DJs or bands every week. We wanted it to be set apart from the standard ladies’ night fare, as opposed to creating a meat-market vibe. It’s an open-minded, accepting, fun time.” Did we mention the free PB&J’s (that’s short for Pabst and Jameson) from 7-8 p.m.?

Then, add some color to your winter routine with Artifice’s first LGBT night every second Thursday of the month. With the help of resident DJ Jil, Prism will transform the bar with live painting, performers and possibly singers and songwriters in the future, the DJ says—something “a little bit more sophisticated, more underground.” Just don’t expect any go-gos.

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