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The Killers

Album Releases

DAY & AGE (2008)

By no means is Brandon Flowers the first misunderstood poet in rock: Multitudinous are the fans who think Jimi Hendrix was singing “’Scuse me while I kiss this guy” in “Purple Haze,” or that Kurt Cobain was complaining about a mosquito in his burrito in “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”... more

SAWDUST (2007)

Okay, let’s get it out of the way, so we can all stop snickering and focus. The Killers, a band with precisely two albums to their name, have released a rarities set, which will strike most either as extremely silly, sorta money hungry or further evidence that the Vegas foursome takes itself a wee bit too seriously... more

SAM'S TOWN (2006)

Even lesser tracks—"On Top," "Change Your Mind," "Midnight Show"—lingered in our heads hours after we'd heard them, much the way Brandon Flowers, Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vannucci lingered in the Billboard 200 for a preposterous 94 weeks, keeping company with Green Day, Gwen Stefani and Kanye West along their improbable climb to No. 7... more

HOT FUSS (2004)

Hot Fuss couldn't be more appropriate a name for the Killers' debut album. The band's brief career, beginning with trudges through the abysmal Vegas live venue scene, has been highlighted by plenty of buzz. The group, born in Las Vegas but bred in its spiritual and musical home of Great Britain, has returned to the U.S. with its first full-length... more


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Brandon Flowers second solo album slated for 2015

The Killers' frontman is working with Vampire Weekend producer. read more...

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‘Hot Fuss’ turns 10 and Brandon Flowers answers 10 questions to celebrate

A quick Q&A with Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the band's debut album. read more...

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In UNLV jacket reveal, Brandon Flowers is a Runnin’ Rebel with a cause

A big fan of the UNLV team who won the 1989-90 NCAA national championship, Brandon Flowers of The Killers wore Rebel red during a performance Saturday at Reunion Park at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. read more...

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The Killers to release greatest-hits album, two new songs — listen here

The band will release its first “best of” compilation, Direct Hits, on November 11 on Island Records. The 15-track record will include singles culled from The Killers’ four studio albums, along with two new songs. read more...

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UNLV marching band director Anthony LaBounty talks gameday and the Killers

One of the rock band's members was smashing cymbals before "Mr. Brightside" hit the airwaves. read more...

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Producer and manager Seth Yudof: How bean counters killed Las Vegas entertainment; will music save it?

Slowly, painfully and without anesthetic. That’s how the brilliant entertainment of Las Vegas has been killed off over the years. read more...

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Life Is Beautiful lineup includes The Killers, Kings of Leon, Beck, Imagine Dragons

Two-day Downtown festival will also feature Pretty Lights, Empire of the Sun, Passion Pit and Jurassic 5, among many others. read more...

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Killers bassist Mark Stoermer collaborates on new album with members of Louis XIV, Muse

Vicky Cryer, a project spearheaded by Louis XIV frontman Jason Hill, will release its record on April 16. read more...

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The Killers in fine form at Cosmo homecoming show

The Killers tour the world, but they sound their best back home. read more...

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The Killers book two year-end shows at the Cosmopolitan

The Killers are coming to town! Or, more accurately, they're driving over to the Strip! Las Vegas' most famous musical foursome ... read more...

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The Killers show real growth on 'Battle Born'

After taking a year and a half off to rest their road-weary bones and tend to some solo work, The Killers are back with Battle Born, the band’s fourth and most full-grown album. read more...

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My list: Weekly designer Corlene Byrd digs through the Killers catalog

She's contributed, musically, to three of the band's albums. Here are her thoughts on a few cuts read more...

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Remembering Tommy Marth

Las Vegas music scene left reeling by one of its best-known figures' death. read more...

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R.I.P. local musician and scene mainstay Tommy Marth

Las Vegas' musical community reacted with shock and sadness Monday, as news that scene mainstay Tommy Marth had died early that morning spread across social media. read more...

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